Divi Structured Data

This EXTREMELY light-weight plugin (~2kb) adds structured data markup to your posts and custom post types. Google uses structured data to understand the content of a page.
WP Creator’s Club Authenticator

WP Creator’s Club Authenticator

This super lightweight plugin only runs on the admin side of your website and lets you know when new versions of WP Creator’s Club products are available, giving you the option to update them right from your WordPress dashboard. It doesn’t get much easier...

Divi Change Logos

An extremely light-weight but efficient plugin that allows you to change the logo displayed in the top navigation bar on a page-by-page basis. It also works with any custom post types, like products from woocommerce, for example.

Divi DateTime Picker

A Mobile-friendly & Lightweight Date/Time Picker for Divi. Easily add custom date and time pickers right to Divi’s Contact Form module.

Divi Header Address

This light-weight plugins adds a new field to the theme customizer that allows you to enter an address to display in the secondary header. It also includes an option to make the address clickable to Google maps.