Divi Attention!

Weighing in at just 165kbDivi Attention! is one of the most efficient popup overlay/notification bar plugins for Divi on the market AND it has one of the smallest footprints too.

Unlike other similar plugins, it uses pure CSS for it’s 29 modern animations so you won’t compromise site speed for beautiful and effective popups or notification bars.

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  • Easily create beautiful popup overlays/notification bars right in your Divi Library
  • Uses Pure CSS for it’s 29 modern entrance and exit animations
  • only 165kb in size which is around 60x leaner than other similar plugins



Improved: Improved the stopping of media events so they stop AFTER the attention element has been closed to provide a smoother experience for the user.


Fixed: Improved the "click overlay to close" option to be more accurate and fixed situations where it interfered with buttons in attention elements.


NEW: Added support for stopping media elements in an attention element when the attention element is closed. Supported media includes: Divi Video module, Divi Video Slider, Divi Audio module, HTML5 Video markup, HTML5 Audio markup, YouTube video embed, Vimeo video embed, general iframe embeds.


FIX: Fixed bug on blank Divi posts where notification bars didn't stretch full-width across the screen when the right sidebar was active.


Adjusted close button CSS.


New Feature: Added option to allow clicks on the overlay (off of popup content) to trigger a popup attention element to close. Note: This feature may not work for every design of popup as it attempts to detect clicks on the section element of the overlay. If your overlay uses a full-width row, this feature may not work for you.


Tweaked: Adjusted the scheduling feature to specifically use the local site time set in the WordPress settings rather than server time.


Fixed: Fixed bug where backend builder sometimes reloaded after initial load.


Improved scroll display on top bar sticky attention elements in custom post types that use the theme builder.


Adjusted how assets are loaded on front end.


Streamlined javascript code.


Improved compatibility with Divi Theme Builder on Custom Post Types.


Fixed: Fixed bug where attention element CSS sometimes didn't load properly if the page was built using the Divi Builder in certain Custom Post Types (CPT).

Improved: Adjusted the Library Item selection field in Divi when there was only one item in the Divi Library.


Improved exit intent compatibility with the latest version of FireFox.


Fixed: Fixed bug where in some instances the close button did not present at the correct size / color set in the trigger module when used in the Theme Builder.


Tweaked: refactored how certain attributes are passed to the attention element.


Fixed: Divi has a known bug since 4.0.0 which causes 3rd party plugins to not properly load CSS in themes built using the Theme Builder. This bug fix introduces a fallback to get around this.


Tweaked: Updated documentation link to include link to new doc site.


New: Added the ability to schedule attention elements to start and end on specific dates and times.


Fixed: bug where email optin module didn't properly submit when shown in popup.


Fixed: Builder icon.


Tweaked: Streamlined popup background overlay code.


Tweaked: Updated language related to the cookie settings.


Tweaked: Refactored attention cookie script.


Initial Release!

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