Divi DateTime Picker

A Mobile-friendly & Lightweight Date/Time Picker for Divi.

Easily add custom date and time pickers right to Divi’s Contact Form module.

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  • Min/Max date
    (Select a hard date or rolling dates that update automatically.)
  • Disable specific days of the week
  • Disable specific dates
  • Allow users to select range of dates
  • Set language and localization on a per-picker basis

Time Picker

  • Set Min/Time time
  • 12 hour/ 24 hour format
  • Adjust minute and hour increment



Fixed bug where Maximum Date couldn't be 0 (to represent 'today') when Maximum Date Type was set to Rolling.


Fixed CSS bug for month text color.


Updated Flatpickr library. Fixed bug in 2.4.6 that interfered with disabled dates.


Updated Flatpickr library to 4.6.9. Fixed calendar sizing on smaller screen sizes like iPhone 5. Added default hour and minute settings for time picker.


Improvement: Improved compatibility when displaying date/time pickers in other 3rd party Divi popup plugins.


Improvement: Improved compatibility with mobile devices and touch events.


Adjusted: Updated documentation link to include link to new doc site.


Fix: Fixed bug where max_selected_dates error was triggered.


Fix: Fixed bug where disabled dates weren't honored when using 'multiple dates' if user de-selected a date.


New: Added multiple date selection feature to allow users the ability to multiple non-consecutive dates.

New: Added option to set the number of dates the user is allowed to select.


Fix: Fixed bug where sometimes showing all days of the week sometimes produced a warning.


Fix: Fixed bug where CloudFlare's RocketScript sometimes interfered with the translation file.


New: Updated the support link. I'm here if you need me!


Fix: Fixed bug where CloudFlare's RocketScript sometimes interfered with the loading of the plugin assets.


Adjusted CSS to improve the way the month is displayed.


Adjusted: Refactored and streamlined code. Improved the way translations are loaded. Extracted the plugin update function to the new WP Creator's Club Authenticator plugin to handle all product updates.


New: Integrated the plugin to the WP Creator's Club and removed the plugin settings page as it's no longer required since all customizations happen in the contact form module now.


Fixed: Fixed issue with certain special characters not displaying properly.


Adjusted: Updated plugin updating script.


New: Rebuilt the plugin almost completely from the ground up and included new features, such as:

- No more using strings for the field_id, add pickers directly in the Divi Builder (compatible with Visual Builder, Classic Divi Builder and New Divi Builder)

- Disable specific calendar dates

- Disable specific days of the week

- Added Hard and Rolling minimum/maximum dates for total flexibility

- Ability to set language per date/time picker

- Ability to customize the look of the date/time pickers to match your theme


Adjusted: Improved backwards compatibility for PHP 5.5


New: Added _disableweekends option to (wait for it...) disable weekends in the calendar. The starting day of the week in the calendar is now based off the "start of the week" settings in the Wordpress settings.


Adjusted: Improved compatibility for mobile devices.


New: Added compatibility if you want to use the picker in a form that is inside a modal or overlay.


New: Integrated EMP's auto-update feature for purchases from the Elegant Marketplace.


Adjusted: Updated some of the translation files.


Initial Release

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