Divi Image Compare

Quickly create professional ‘before/after’ sliders and toggles right in Divi.

This plugin is 100% compatible with the Visual Builder, the new backend builder as well as the classic backend builder.

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  • Membership includes instant access to all WP Creator’s Club products (including this one) PLUS all future products developed under the WP Creator’s Club brand
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  • Horizontal Image Comparison Sliders
  • Vertical Image Comparison Sliders
  • Toggle Image Comparisons
  • Fully Customizable to Match Your Design
  • 100% Compatible with all Divi Builders



Fixed bug where images smaller than their container didn't fit to fullwidth.


Refactored and streamlined code. Extracted the plugin update function to the new WP Creator's Club Authenticator plugin to handle all product updates.


Initial release!

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This product requires the ultra-powerful Divi WordPress theme. It’s arguably the most popular WordPress theme in the world (and the ultimate WordPress page builder). Click the link below to check out Divi for yourself. 

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