Divi Multistep Contact Form

Transform the standard Divi Contact Form into a modern, user-friendly multi-step form your users will love.

Add as many steps as you’d like and design them to match your theme, including progress bars, step counters and more.

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  • Create Unlimited Form Steps
  • Auto Next feature: Enable Auto Next to automatically move users to the next step once all required fields in the current step have been successfully completed, without the user having to manually click the ‘next’ button
  • Display a Progress Bar, Form Step Names or Nothing
  • Easily Integrate into Existing Forms
  • Fully Customizable to Match Your Design
  • 100% Compatible with all Divi Builders



  • Added ability for shortcodes to be used within the form steps.
  • Cleaned up code.


  • Improved variable checking for custom events that are triggered when moving between steps. Streamlined specific functions.

  • Fixed: responsive font size options for "next" and "back" buttons.


  • New: Introduced custom javascript events that fire when moving between steps (in either direction) that contain the following information:
    • direction: the direction the user is moving (either 'next' or 'back')
    • destinationStepID: the step ID the user is moving to with zero (0) being the first step.
    • time: the time/date the event occurred.


  • Improved: Improved error handling and error message clean up when expected values are entered into fields.


  • Fixed: Fixed bug where pressing the 'enter' key on paragraph text area inputs attempted to submit the form rather than inserting a new line.


  • Improved: Improved accessibility by changing the way completed form steps are hidden.
  • Fixed: Adjusted CSS for last step so 'back' button aligns with 'submit' button.


  • Fixed: Fixed bug where certain checkbox or radio input fields sometimes failed validation.


  • Fixed: Fixed bug where pressing enter to move on to the next step sometimes displayed 2 steps at once.
  • Fixed: CSS bug that caused long form steps to push other content further down the page when hidden.


  • New Feature: 'Auto Next'. A new toggle named 'Auto Next' was added under the 'Elements' toggle on the Contact Form module. When enabled, when a user completes all required fields on a step, the form will automatically move them to the next step without the user having to physically click the 'next' button.


  • Rewrote error handling and included of display of field errors to better assist users with correcting any errors.


  • Improved field validation handling for check boxes.


  • Added: New toggle to hide or display the step title under the progress bar/step counter.


  • Adjusted: Updated documentation link to include link to new doc site.


  • Fixed: Fixed bug where required email addresses weren't being validated correctly when using Divi 4.0 before moving onto the next step in the form.


  • Adjusted: Update for Divi 4.0.


  • Adjusted: Optimized multistep form output.


  • Fixed: Fixed bug introduced by Divi's new contact form spam protection that caused the form submissions to fail when multistep features were enabled.


  • New: Introduced new option to control the scroll offset (in pixels) when users navigate between steps in the form if you have scrolling to the top of the form feature enabled.


  • New: Added feature to include Step Instructions for each step in the form with the ability to customize the output of the text.
  • New: Added ability to customize Step Title style.
  • Adjusted: Moved Step color options to the 'Design' tab instead of the 'Content' tab.


  • Adjusted: Refactored and streamlined code. Extracted the plugin update function to the new WP Creator's Club Authenticator plugin to handle all product updates.


  • Adjusted: Updated button CSS controls.


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