About WP Creator’s Club

Have you ever purchased a plugin or theme only to find the support was poor, the plugin wasn’t as advertised or the updates didn’t keep up with changes to WordPress or the parent theme?

Me too.

I know that frustration.

WP Creator’s Club was created by Alex Brinkman, the developer of some of the best selling 3rd party Divi plugins, including Divi Icon King and Divi Font Awesome, among others, to be a source of solid plugins that make the life of a web designer easier.

Plugins that just work.

And if you run into an issue, I want to make sure we provide top notch service so you can get back to doing what you do best and serving those that depend on you.


Here at WP Creator’s Club, our mission as a community is to:

  • Foster a unified and positive community of website creators
  • Give website creators unrestricted access to powerful plugins that make their jobs and lives easier for an affordable price
  • Create a platform for designers to request plugins that the community can benefit from
  • Provide stellar customer service for all products that we offer