How it Works

Get up and running

Getting started with WP Creator’s Club was designed to be quick and easy.

Once you join the WP Creator’s Club, as long your account is active and it good standing, you’ll have access to all our products and you can use them on unlimited sites and receive unlimited updates.

Watch the “How It Works” video or read below to get started.


One Key To Rule Them All

Unlike other plugins and child themes, products from the WP Creator’s Club makes updating and managing products easy.

As a member you receive a Membership License key which works for all of our products.

No more trying to keep track of a ton of different product license keys.

Click to enlarge image.

Click to enlarge image.

To receive updates for all WP Creator’s Club products on your website, simply install and activate our WP Creator’s Club Authenticator plugin.

This lightweight plugin will have a settings page where you can enter your Membership License from the previous step.

Once you’ve entered and activated your license number on a website, all WP Creator’s Club products on the site can be updated right from your WP dashboard using the ‘one-click’ update.