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Divi/Extra Plugins

Divi Image Comparison

Create professional and modern before/after image sliders. 100% Visual Builder compatible.

Divi Multistep Contact Form

Turn your native Divi contact forms into user-friendly, multistep forms.

Divi Date/Time Picker

Add a lightweight, mobile-friendly date or time picker to the native Divi contact form module.

Divi Structured Data

Automatically add rich, structured data to your site’s blog posts and custom post types to help Google and other search engines better understand your content.

Divi Header Address

Add an address field to Divi’s secondary header. Includes an easy-to-edit field in the theme customizer with option to make the address clickable to  Google Maps.

Divi Change Logos

Show different site logos on a per-page basis.

Also works with posts and Custom Post Types introduced by other plugins.

Divi Sticky Secondary Header

Make your secondary header a sticky element that follows the user down the page while leaving your primary header in place.

Divi In-Page Search

Add a handy search bar to your page that has the ability to find all instances of a specific keyword on a page.

Our members have unlimited access to these plugins. We’re working on more plugins as well as child themes (coming soon!)

When we say unlimited, we mean:

  • Use on unlimited sites
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited support

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