Divi Structured Data

This EXTREMELY light-weight plugin (~2kb) adds structured data markup to your posts and custom post types.

Google uses structured data to understand the content of a page.



JSON-LD Structured Markup

Once activated, the plugin will ouput JSON-LD structured markup to your posts to help search engines like Google better understand your page.


Extremely Light-weight

This plugin weighs in at around ~2kb zipped.

Road Map (to-do list)

  • Look into integrating with ACF custom fields.



  • Changed @type from \'Article\' to \'BlogPosting\' to be more specific.
  • Refactored code to process additional types of schema in the future.
  • Added in commentCount schema if comments are enabled on the post.
  • Added wordCount schema for posts.
  • Fixed bug where image dimensions weren\'t accurate.


Initial Release!

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