Divi DateTime Picker

A Mobile-friendly & Lightweight Date/Time Picker for Divi. Easily add custom date and time pickers right to Divi’s Contact Form module.

Divi Header Address

This light-weight plugins adds a new field to the theme customizer that allows you to enter an address to display in the secondary header. It also includes an option to make the address clickable to Google maps.

Divi Image Compare

Quickly create professional ‘before/after’ sliders and toggles right in Divi. This plugin is 100% compatible with the Visual Builder, the new backend builder as well as the classic backend builder.
Divi Multistep Contact Form

Divi Multistep Contact Form

Transform the standard Divi Contact Form into a modern, user-friendly multi-step form your users will love. Add as many steps as you’d like and design them to match your theme, including progress bars, step counters and more.